• Bridie Farrell

The Truth Will Set You Free

The Truth Project in the UK is busting through shame and ignorance about child sexual abuse. The Mail on Sunday reports that the Truth Project is the “biggest dossier of evidence by abuse victims ever assembled.” Around 1400 individuals have given evidence to the Truth Project; some of the survivors are up to 95 years of age. This older generation feels frustration and pain over the fact that they feel that some people treat child sexual abuse as if it’s a new phenomenon. The Sun reported that one survivor said, “For 49 years I have had a dark secret which burdened me with feelings of depression, anger, self-loathing and worthlessness. The Truth Project provided me with a safe environment to tell my story. I was given a voice that started the healing.”

The stats coming out of the project are eye-opening. A general belief is that most sexual abuse occurs within families. This project reveals that just 28 percent of the witnesses experienced abuse within the family. 40 percent of the victims were aged between three and seven when their abuse began. Sadly, a quarter of the witnesses were abused by teachers and other educational staff. 14 percent of the abusers were members of the church and 12 percent were doctors and social workers.

For some of the witnesses, this is the first time they’ve disclosed. This cathartic project helps everyone. It helps survivors starts to peel back the layers and work towards healing while it also helps the community to name abusers and project other children from future abuse.

Please call The Truth Project 08009171000 or visit truth project.org.uk to get involved.


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