• Bridie Farrell

#TODAYINNY: The Average Pedophile with a Preference for Boys will Abuse 150 Boys over a Lifetime..

Updated: Jul 20, 2018

The Post-Star reports that a grand jury has indicted a longtime Brant Lake Camp counselor on 19 charges related to alleged sexual abuse of five young boys.

Dylan Stolz, 51 years old, from Queens was an employee of Brant Lake Camp for 33 years, according to the camp. Mr. Stolz is also a fourth grade teacher for the Hewlett-Woodmere School District on Long Island.

It is plausible that an unknown adult survivor is reading the story of Stolz’s arrest. Stolz’s time around children spans 33 years. In New York State you must report child sexual abuse by age 23 in order to press charges. Sadly, the average age of reporting child sexual abuse is 42.

If that unknown survivor is 24 years old today, and feels empowered to report after seeing Stolz has been found out……he can report it, but nothing will be done about it. Too late. The statute of limitations has expired.

And since the average pedophile with a preference for little boys will abuse 150 boys over a lifetime, there is potentially a large group out there that will never be able to press charges. Who knows? Maybe someone had reported him 10, 15 years ago but the law wouldn’t allow for prosecution so Stolz was essentially given the green light to keep going and to keep abusing.

If you’re a survivor of child sexual abuse and need to talk, please email: hello@nyloveskids.org.

Update to this story: Dylan Stolz is currently out on bail in upstate New York as of July 20, 2018.

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