• Bridie Farrell

Strength in Numbers - March for #KidsToo

Updated: Jul 5, 2018

On June 9, 2018 NY Loves Kids, RAINN, Assemblymember Linda Rosenthal, and other advocates and survivors gathered at the North end of Cadman Plaza in Brooklyn, NY to march across the Brooklyn Bridge for #KidsToo. #KidsToo is to raise awareness about the prevalence of child sexual abuse and how we must empower children to be able to speak up if they are being sexually abused. Sadly, many do not speak up about their abuse until years and years later when the statute of limitations has run out to press charges.

A highlight of the event was a speech by a 15 year old girl named AJ. She told her story of sexual assault at the hands of boys at her school. She emphasized the importance of speaking up, standing up, and not giving up.

Change happens when we engage the next generation. Change happens when we march.

Here is AJ’s speech:

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