• Bridie Farrell


It’s about body autonomy. It’s about boundaries…

40 Brazilian gymnasts were allegedly sexually abused by Fernando de Carvalho Lopes - Brazil’s former National coach, according to Reuters.

Despite numerous corroborated accounts of sexual abuse, Movimento de Expansao Social Catolica club (MESC) did not go to the police nor even fire him from MESC. Not until July 2, 2018 did MESC terminate Lopes’ employment and easy access to children.

Lopes’ general response to the allegations? Prove it. Brazil’s TV Globo reports, Lopes said he was a “rigorous” coach who believed he could be a friend or a father to his charges and that, he said, could have led to “misinterpretations.”

This story is strikingly Nassar-esqe. Victims of Lopes state that he would ask the boys to expose themselves to him under the guise of checking their growth. Dr. Larry Nassar disguised his abuse by calling it a “treatment.”

We need to recognize #KidsToo. It’s about body autonomy. It’s about boundaries. It’s about listening and believing children when they say they don’t want to spend time with a particular person. It’s about caregivers being aware of how much alone time a child is spending with a familiar adult.

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