• Bridie Farrell

No Bill is Better than The Wrong Bill - Why the Child Victims Fund is NOT the Child Victims Act

Updated: Jun 20, 2018

It’s June 19th, the New York State legislative session is coming to a close. Advocates are tired. Survivors are emotionally drained. We’ve told our stories to reporters, legislators, fellow survivors, and strangers. When you’re tired and ready to give up; similar to a mirage in the desert, you may start to redefine what you’re willing to accept.

You just want some water to quench your thirst, you want relief. Senator Catharine Young’s S.8736 Child Victims Fund Bill may seem like relief. If it passed (which it can’t), some of us might get paid. But would the future be any better? Institutions, such as the Boy Scouts of America, the Catholic Church, and the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community would avoid even the slightest slap on the wrist.

A major problem with Senator Young’s bill, is that it doesn’t discipline those (individuals or institutions) who facilitated and covered up systemic child sexual abuse for decades. Why is Senator Young willing to raid the Asset Forfeiture Fund in Manhattan - a fund that is supposed to be used for the rape kit back log in New York, just so the Catholic Conference can meet their annual numbers?

It’s baffling that we’d rather take the money from one pool for victims and move the money to another pool for a different kind of victim than just make the criminals pay. If I worked in a gas station and stole $5.00 a week from the register and got caught, I’d be arrested.

I wouldn’t be moved to a safe-house in another community or asked to step down. I’d be expected to face the consequences. Let’s rally behind the Child Victims Act and rally behind justice. Child abusers and culpable institutions need to face consequences. When we call out abusers and institutions and hold them accountable, our children are safer. Let’s make our children safer today. Support the Child Victims Act. Call on Senator Flanagan of Long Island to hold a vote.


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