• Bridie Farrell

Child Sexual Abuse - A Global Issue

Why is it when we talk about child sexual abuse we get up in arms? We’re angry, disgusted, vowing what we would do if someone ever did that to our kin; the price the abuser would pay.

The reactions are so strong but the action is so little. With NY Loves Kids, our jobs are to know about child sexual abuse and the current laws in place. But, I know you all can’t avoid the news. The latest out of Chile is the “brutal rape and death of a 20-month-old toddler.” A toddler. So go ahead and get angry, be sad. But what are you going to do about it?

Yes, children are the future. So why can Statute of Limitations (SOL) reform for child sexual abuse be so difficult? In a review of SOL in the EU, there is much variation across the countries.

The EU and #KidsToo:

  1. Germany - a victim has until age 50 to report instances of abuse.

  2. France - 20 yrs from the date of the incident, so if that 20 month old in Chile lived in France & survived; she’d only have until age 22. The average age of reporting is 42.

  3. Hungary - zero SOL.

  4. Poland - a victim has until age 23 to report abuse.

  5. Romania - seven years from the date of the incident. That 20-month-old in Chile would need to report just before she turned nine…if she had survived.

If you feel like this is unfair; look in your own backyard. Know the SOL in your own state and call, email, tweet, fax, or Facebook your representative. One action is better than no action. If you need help with what to say, email us at hello@nyloveskids.org and we’ll provide a script.


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