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The stats:

Who is sexually abused?
Most likely, someone you know.


  • 1 in 6 boys and 1 in 4 girls are victims of sexual abuse by the time they’re 18.

  • Children 8 - 12 years old are most likely to be targeted by abusers.

  • 30% of child sexual abuse happens within the family

  • 90% of pedophiles know their victims.

What Is Child Sexual Abuse?
The abuse of trust and power, explicit or implicit.

Child sexual abuse is a sexual act imposed on a child who lacks the emotional, maturational, and cognitive development to fully understand or resist it. Adult or late-adolescent perpetrators use their all-powerful, dominant role to take advantage of their victims’ age, dependency and subordinate position.

Why Don’t Children Speak Up?
Fear, shame, confusion, threats…the list goes on.


  • Most parents are uncomfortable talking to kids about the birds and the bees, so imagine expecting kids to talk to parents about a terrifying and confusing sexual experience of which they likely feel ashamed.

  • Most child sexual abuse survivors do not disclose the abuse until their 40s.

  • Many children are threatened by, financially dependent on, scared of and intimidated by their abuser.

  • Children often lack the vocabulary to describe sexual abuse. Some do not know that a sexual act against a child is a crime.

How does child sexual abuse impact all of us?

In more ways than you think.


  • Victims of child sexual abuse have higher rates of academic problems, teen pregnancy and drug and alcohol abuse – and higher use of health care services.

  • Delinquency and crime are more prevalent in adolescents with a history of child sexual abuse.

  • Adult survivors of child sexual abuse cost the U.S. billions annually in lost productivity and mental health care.

  • Adult survivors of child sexual abuse are also more likely to become abusers themselves, continuing a devastating cycle in our communities.




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